Connect to GIS.Box tool in the GIS Support plug-in

GIS.Box is a browser-accessible GIS System.

It brilliantly extends the benefits that QGIS gives your organisation by adding 'cloud’ working capabilities.

What do you need the Connect with GIS.Box tool for?

With the Connect to GIS.Box tool, it is possible, among other things, to load and edit data stored in GIS.Box. After logging in, of course.

Connect to the DEMO version

After clicking Connect, you will gain access to the data stored in the DEMO version of GIS.Box. In the next step, you can load this data into QGIS.

You can access the same data via a browser:

If you would like to test out collaborative editing, WebGIS capabilities and other benefits of GIS.Box – please contact us. We will set up a special project and users for your company.

How GIS.Box will transform your QGIS

Multi-user editing

No more sending files by e-mail!

Forget about sending files by e-mail.

  1. Load your data into GIS.Box,
  2. Create users,
  3. Give them permissions
  4. Load the data into QGIS

and edit the layer together. It’s simple.


Access to your data via a browser

Are your colleagues anxious about QGIS? You are not the only one. It’s very common. What is the solution?

Create projects that your co-workers will love and learn how to use within two hours.


Add photos and documents with confidence

Simply attaching an image to an object is often complicated in GIS. Using GIS.Box, you can add attachments to objects in the browser as well as in QGIS, and they will be available to everyone.