New tool in GIS.Box: SQL-based selection

We strive to make GIS.Box a tool that is simple to implement. We are keen that the time to train a user to use the system freely should not exceed a few hours. This requires us to create intuitive tools (we are trying 🙂).

An extension „SQL Query” has been available for some time, which extends the object selection tools with the possibility to enter any SQL query (including all PostGIS functions). This makes it possible to select objects based on the spatial and attribute relationships of all the data that is in the System.

For more convenient handling, queries can be saved (added to favourites).

This makes it possible to query, for example, parcels of land that are in a buffer of, 2000m from the main supply point and expand the queries with further conditions.

The tool is intended rather for advanced users, who are more comfortable with spatial SQL than clicking out results manually.


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