New GIS.Box tool: usable area.

We are constantly collaborating with our customers to optimise processes using GIS. The latest result of this collaboration is a new tool that will soon be coming to GIS.Box: usable area.


This is a tool that allows you to speed up the process of assessing a plot (or group of plots) for the construction of a photovoltaic farm. It involves quickly calculating the area suitable for development based on constraints (e.g. watercourse, power lines, lone trees). Simply select the plots, indicate which data you want to take into account when calculating the area, and click 'Calculate’. As shown in the GIF below:

The main benefit of using the Usable Area tool is that it saves time, as the plot analysis can be done in less than a minute by a person with very basic training. The process does not need to involve a person specialised in GIS who will count the buffers, do the plotting and calculation in a dedicated software.


A detailed description of the operation is provided in the documentation.



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