GIS Support QGIS Plugin

GIS Support QGIS Plugin is award winning and one of the most popular QGIS plugin in Poland. It helps users to use spatial services from polish institutions in QGIS environment.

Plugin may be downloaded from QGIS official repository.

List of tools:

Cadastral plot search engine

The „Cadastral plot search engine” tool allows you to search for parcels through the ULDK API launched by Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography

WMS List

This is a collection of links to popular, nationwide WMS services.

The main benefit of the tool is that there is no need to remember and search for WMS addresses in the network.


A tool using the NMT GUGiK API for elevation data. The tool allows you to know the altitude above sea level for the clicked place, add altitude data for objects from the point layer and create an altitude chart along the drawn line

WMTS cache

A tool that allows you to quickly add WMTS from a predefined list (mainly GUGiK services). In the settings, you can define how long the downloaded „tiles” are to be kept on the disk (up to a month). Thanks to this, once downloaded tiles with an orthophotomap remain on the disk, and the orthophotomap works super fast.

Find in Mapster

A tool thanks to which we can display a list of old maps collected in the Mapster service, whose range intersects with the coordinates of a selected point.

Pobierz PRG - granice administracyjne

A tool that allows you to download polygons of communes, poviats and voivodships for the indicated types of units, e.g. poviats for the Mazowieckie voivodeship or communes for the Grójec poviat.


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