GIS.Box is a browser-accessible GIS System designed to work effectively with maps.

Get everyone in your company to make better decisions using maps.

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Key features

Create maps online

Create any map you want with GIS.Box. It supports all types of spatial data. From vector data, raster data (map scans) to data from WMS services.

Collaborate with many people

GIS.Box has an advanced system of permissions for data and tools. The administrator can grant access according to freely defined data access policies.

Simplicity of use

The system is designed to connect GIS professionals with those from other disciplines. Basic training takes 30 minutes. Users are not scared of the System.

Online data editing

All vector data can be edited via the browser. From the simple addition of a point, to line splits and snapping to objects.

Connect to QGIS

Data stored in GIS.Box can be uploaded to QGIS via a dedicated plug-in and edited or used in analyses. QGIS is the solution for professional users who want to get the most out of GIS.

Attribute management

GIS.Box provides many possibilities to add new attributes, manage dictionary values, and set default edit values.

Mobile App

GIS.Box Mobile is a mobile app for Android systems. It allows you to collect data in the field, check inaccuracies in the infrastructure on site and quickly take a photo that becomes an attachment to the site.


GIS.Box is plug-in structured and can be upgraded with tools that are critical to your organisation.

Support for attachments

In GIS.Box, you can attach attachments to objects. This solves a lot of the problems associated with group work in traditional GIS software.

GIS.Box use cases, or Fabian’s stories

Discover the stories in which the use of GIS.Box significantly improved the quality of work or showed completely new possibilities.

Fabian, who is a „GIS expert” in a real estate consulting company (Learn more about Fabian) and an administrator of GIS.Box, will help you learn about the possibilities. Its task is to help others in their daily work by using GIS.

  1. The company’s database of investment areas, i.e. Fabian, creates a map for collaborative online work.
  2. Monitoring of investment processes, i.e. Fabian with one layer that solves many problems
  3. Location search and scoring, i.e. Fabian is looking for new locations for retail outlets
  4. Transmission easements, i.e. Fabian supports field work
  5. Field inventory assessment, i.e. Fabian coordinates the work of 20 specialists and delivers the project in record time
  6. Instant search for cases, i.e. a simple tool that revolutionizes processes in the office.
  7. Stocktaking in GIS.Box, or Fabian guarding order in public space
  8. Group work in the design of optical fibers, i.e. Fabian creates a cloud for QGIS.

Over time, QGIS is not enough

The problem of GIS professionals who work with QGIS is the lack of a tool to effectively organize work with GIS in a wider team of specialists from other fields.

All too often this ends up in unnecessary map printing or trying to teach QGIS to everyone in the company.

GIS.Box is a tool for effective work with GIS in companies.

Prepare spatial data, load data to GIS.Box, create maps and reports from them. Then invite the rest to work together.

The latest news about GIS.Box

Wondering whether GIS.Box is for you?

  1. Write to us – that’s where it all starts. We will arrange a presentation.
  2. Presentation – we invite you to a 45-minute online meeting where we will present the possibilities of GIS.Box (for managers and specialists). After the presentation, you will decide whether this is the solution for your company.
  3. Needs analysis – let’s find out together which processes we can help you with (1-3h workshop stationary or online)
  4. Plan – based on the analysis we present an action plan with an offer.
  5. Implementation of the plan – sometimes it will just be additional training, and sometimes it will be a change in your team’s working procedures. We will efficiently guide you through the process.

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A key feature missing?

No worries. We created GIS.Box with the aim of developing for specific user needs. We can create a tool that is key to you or build your product on top of GIS.Box. Contact us for more details.

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Do you use QGIS?

Transform your QGIS-based GIS into a complete System with access via:

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Make it convenient and secure for everyone in your company to access your data. No coding, and no dedicated training.